Success! I was able to get another 4% through the negotiation process! Just accepted the job this afternoon. Eeee! So excited! Thank you again for all of your help through this process!!! You’ve been an awesome career coach and confidence builder!

— Caroline M.

When I took college art classes, I was taught that learning to draw wasn’t really about learning to draw; it was learning how to see. This is precisely what Cindy Edwards did for me when I was looking for a new path in my life. She taught me to see…see what is possible…see the paths that have always been there but I assumed to be beyond my grasp, or beyond what I was capable of doing. She made starting over feel all to easy and all too possible, and all within my grasp. She found solutions that I never even heard of, but were a perfect fit with my abilities. With her help I have found a new world of potential, and this opened my eyes to new possibilities that I never knew existed.

— Erik E.

When I met Cindy, I was stuck. I had been out of work for a couple months and was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. I was looking for a new career direction. Cindy was wonderful. She gave me clear, practical steps to explore career possibilities and make a decision. I love my new career – nonprofit development and fundraising. It’s a perfect fit for my personality and values. I would recommend Cindy to anyone going through a job transition – especially to someone considering a new career.

— Kathryn K.

Cindy is an excellent career coach. She asks the right questions to help you determine where your knowledge, skills and abilities will best fit.  She has helped me find opportunities to add value to my career and get a raise. I highly recommend Cindy.

— Gerardo F.