When I worked with Cindy Edwards, I left every session saying “I’ve taken a step forward in my job search”. Not only does she help clarify your job goals, develop strategies to reach them and hold you accountable to your plan, she differentiates herself from other coaches by delivering *real insight*. She asks important questions that set light bulbs off in your head. And she sums up what you’re telling her in a way that sheds new light on your situation, rather than just repeating what you said. On top of that, she’s a wonderful person with a heart of gold. I highly recommend her.

— Sean D.

I hired Cindy to help me relaunch my career after taking several years off to stay at home with my kids. I first met with Cindy not knowing anything about how my skills and experiences as a teacher could transfer into different careers. I also had a really hard time trying to figure out if working was even the right decision for me as a mom with 3 young kids. Cindy helped me through every stage of my transition as an uncertain stay-at-home mother into a full-time career woman who desires to use my talents in the workforce while still maintaining quality time with my children. She helped me own my confidence and knew exactly what I needed at each of the up and down phases of job searching. She kept me on track and gave me the motivation and encouragement to keep going when the process was really difficult. Without Cindy helping me, I would’ve been disorganized, uninformed, and unconfident. With Cindy, I had useful tools, expert knowledge, and trackable goals that helped me land the exact position that I was looking for!

— Lisa S.

Working with Cindy as a career coach was a huge help in my pursuit of a new position. She provided me with the research tools, input on my resume, coaching on the interview process and as an encourager. I benefited from her exercises in evaluating my skills, strengths etc. She emailed me when she knew I would be interviewing to encourage me. Her honest, professional approach to coaching, gave me a sense of confidence as I used her recommendations. I landed the position I was interviewing for!!! I strongly feel that I would not have had the confidence or determination to keep pursing the position without her input or support. Cindy’s fees are affordable, and she should be the first on the list of “to dos” for anyone job seeking!

— Deb B.

Cindy is an attentive, caring, listening person and was — and is — very helpful to me as a career coach. And, her prices are much too low [really — they could be 50 percent higher and still be a great deal].

Cindy heard my needs: I needed to better present myself in the numerous interviews I was getting. She reviewed my cover letter and resume to learn about me; and read the job descriptions for the interviews I was scheduled to have. She met with me and fully assessed my situations and my needs. We practiced interviewing. She was excellent. She was direct and focused and worked on my faults: talking too long, too generally, not highlighting succinctly my successes, and not directly answering the questions. Throughout she was positive and supportive. She also told me I needed to practice and provided links to great, useful material. She is very good and easy to work with.

Without hesitation I will continue to use Cindy until I get good enough in interviewing to win the job I want.

— Kenneth S.