I was transitioning to a new career while still in the middle of my degree program. I had no idea how to change direction mid career and mid school. Cindy was amazingly helpful with helping me re-write my resume so it focused on my future career instead of past positions. She helped me define which direction I should start to focus on and what steps to take to get to my goal. In addition, she helped me to understand myself and my strengths so that I knew what job would be a good fit.

Cindy has an amazing network of people which she uses as information sources about job types and to help clients network. Our meetings were very motivational and helped me focus on each task so that it didn’t seem like such a big project to make a major change in my life. I highly recommend Find Your Fit for anyone who is seeking a job change.

— Debbie L.

I wanted to thank you for helping rewrite my resume, and teaching me that my skills go beyond what I could have fathomed. You pointed you things to me about what I considered to be a “basic” in my job that was in fact, a task that was important and that not everyone could do. In a stressful time you helped me narrow down my big goals, breaking them down into achievable bite size pieces I could take on one at a time. It all sounds so simple, but you really helped me see a clear path to follow.

I look forward to working with you again in the future to realize my other goal of going back to college.

— Ashley W.

Cindy’s counseling goes above and beyond what other career counselors offer. She tailors her help to the individual and helps her clients be prepared as well as possible for their job searches and interviews. In addition to the guidance she gives, she has inside knowledge of local companies and what the best strategies are to land jobs with those companies. I strongly recommend her, especially for those whose job search has hit a lull.

— John J.

Cindy is absolutely great to work with. I exercised the option to work with her over the phone due to my busy work and family schedule. She guided me through revising and sending my resume, interview preparation, and negotiating salary and benefits before we met in person. In fact, the first time we met was for a celebratory lunch when I accepted a new position!

Cindy’s knowledge and expertise were evident from the very first conversation we had. From a coaching perspective, she helped me find my motivation and held me accountable to my plan to reach my goals. Now, I consider her a dear friend and counselor that I will continue to be in touch with.

— Jon H.