Cindy is a GREAT person & Career Coach. She is very understanding and makes you feel comfortable when talking about your career and your future. She’s always thinking about new options/opportunities and sends a lot of information your way so you can learn and be sure of what you want. She’s honest and challenges you to think outside the box, which is exactly what a person needs when talking about their career.

She helped me identify what my true learning style is, build my confidence back, know what I want to do (by completing assessments made by her and others), how to word it, how to show it, and finally how to conquer what I want.

I was lost for a while, trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do. Cindy helped me find myself again and now I’m on a roll with finding opportunities that will make me happy and appreciative. Thank you Cindy!

— Andrea G.

I have been so pleased with Cindy as my coach. She has helped me to realize that if what I was doing was not working, I needed to change. The tools that she has provided me with have been instrumental in the way I approach a potential job, from the aspects of the position that meet my needs and desires to the unique things I can bring to the employer. I often hear Cindy’s voice in my head as I write applications or speak in interviews.

She is an extremely caring person, and one I call a friend as well as a coach.

— Nell B.

Cindy is an amazing career coach. She helped me find my fit! Even more she pushed me to overcome my fears and tackle my assumptions that were keeping me stuck in the job search. She is an incredible “word smith” who knows how to make resumes come alive and attract the attention of potential employers. Cindy used her great reputation and connections in the Twin Cities to help build my own network. I am deeply grateful to her and recommend her to all my friends who are job hunting.

— James M.

Cindy helped me realize that I had many more marketable skills than I gave myself credit for. She encouraged me to think outside the box, career-wise, and explore new avenues of employment. She also helped me create a rockin’ resume!

I have referred friends and family members to Cindy, and they have uniformly been pleased with her work. Do something for yourself and your future, and call Cindy today. You won’t be disappointed!

— Erin S.