Head photo portrait of Cindy Edwards

Owner, Coach and Trainer

Cindy is a small business owner, career and leadership coach, trainer and speaker. She has provided coaching and training services for 15+ years to people locally, nationally and internationally. Cindy’s mission is to help you: see your unique promise of value, explore your options for growth, and partner with you as you confidently take the steps needed to find your fit at work and in life.

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Jodi Johnson-Meyers

Rock Star Virtual Assistant

Jodi is a writer, administer, and project coordinator extraordinaire. She is highly valued for her talents in customer communications. In many ways Jodi is the backbone of operations for Find Your Fit, she manages calendaring, invoicing, client communications and marketing efforts.

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Job Search and Marketing Coach

Melissa is a Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Resume Writer, and Job Coach. In addition to working at Find Your Fit, Melissa also works as a brand ambassador, catsitter, and copywriter.

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