Jon L.

Cindy is the unhappy worker whisperer. Six months ago I was in a job I hated, now I’m loving it, blowing all expectations out of the water. 

Neil C.

Five years into my second career and feeling adrift, I came to Cindy for practical help getting “unstuck.” She got me unstuck all right: thanks to her probing questions and steadfast encouragement, I built myself a brand-new website, changed how I package and price my professional services, and set some targets for my business to meet. But those are just outward and visible signs of inward work that she helped me undertake. Cindy doesn’t just offer coaching, really: she offers *wisdom*. That’s priceless.


Cindy is a great coach! She was absolutely terrific in guiding me through the process of self-assessment to help me determine what I love, what I do best, and what I have to offer that is outstanding and unique. Then she directed me in putting all this into words, creating my personal brand statement that helped me stand out with both employers and colleagues. This deeper insight empowered me in my job search and shortened the time it took to land a great new role. It has also given me direction for my professional style as I go forward. Thanks, Cindy!

Victor C. Massaglia, M.A.
Career Services Director, University of Minnesota

Having worked with Cindy on several projects such a comprehensive ‘Coaches Training’ program and many others, I have been fortunate to collaborate with this wonderfully, multi-talented individual. She not only brings an extremely high-level of competence to her career development practice, she is also very passionate in everything she does. Cindy understands the varying needs of her clients and meets each person where he or she is at and helps them to move forward in the career development process. When referring people to her, I am confident that they are in good, caring hands.

Tom Green
Director of Special Projects, Basilica of Saint Mary

Cindy Edwards has been a job coach as part of the Basilica of Saint Mary’s Employment Ministry Program. She has helped many of the participants in the ministry with her Fit Assessment Tool that allows individuals to understand what job and/or employer would be the best “fit” for them. Cindy is a very compassionate and effective job coach.

Lois B.

Cindy’s methodical (yet flexible) method of coaching was exactly what I needed to get myself motivated! Through her “Discovering Self” exercises, we created a comprehensive outline of my personal skills, values, strength and interests. She also provided me with additional research tools to review the job market for my current position. She knew I was being underpaid and after doing some “checking” of my own, I realized she was right! She helped me write a proposal for a salary increase, aided me in gathering the appropriate backup documentation to support the proposal, and through role-playing provided me with the confidence I needed to approach my manager with the proposal. Guess what! I presented the proposal to my manager and was granted a new title PLUS increased annual earnings of over 8%! I recommend and have recommended Cindy to friends and family any opportunity I get. Cindy, thank you!

James M.

Cindy is an amazing coach. She helped me find my fit! Even more she pushed me to overcome my fears and tackle my assumptions that were keeping me stuck in the job search. Cindy used her great reputation and connections in the Twin Cities to help build my own network. I am deeply grateful to her and recommend her to all my friends who are job hunting.

Andrea G.

Cindy is a GREAT person & Coach. She is very understanding and makes you feel comfortable when talking about your career and your future. She’s always thinking about new options and opportunities, and sends a lot of information your way so you can learn and be sure of what you want. She’s honest and challenges you to think outside the box, which is exactly what a person needs when talking about their career.

Cindy helped me identify what my true learning style is, build my confidence back, know what I want to do (by completing assessments made by her and others), how to word it, how to show it, and finally how to conquer what I want. I was lost for a while, trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do. Cindy helped me find myself again and now I’m on a roll with finding opportunities that will make me happy and appreciative. Thank you, Cindy!

Lisa S.

I hired Cindy to help me relaunch my career after taking several years off to stay at home with my kids. When I first met with Cindy, I didn’t know how my skills and experiences as a teacher could transfer into different careers. I also had a really hard time trying to figure out if working was even the right decision for me as a mom with 3 young kids.

Cindy helped me through every stage of my transition as an uncertain stay-at-home mother into a full-time career woman who desires to use my talents in the workforce while still maintaining quality time with my children. She helped me own my confidence and knew exactly what I needed at each of the up and down phases of job searching. She kept me on track and gave me the motivation and encouragement to keep going when the process was really difficult. Without Cindy helping me, I would’ve been disorganized, uninformed, and unconfident. With Cindy, I had useful tools, expert knowledge, and trackable goals that helped me land the exact position that I was looking for!

Sean D.

When I worked with Cindy Edwards, I left every session saying “I’ve taken a step forward”. Not only does she help clarify your goals, develop strategies to reach them and hold you accountable to your plan, she differentiates herself from other coaches by delivering *real insight*. She asks important questions that set light bulbs off in your head. And she sums up what you’re telling her in a way that sheds new light on your situation, rather than just repeating what you said. On top of that, she’s a wonderful person with a heart of gold. I highly recommend her.

Caroline M.

Success! I was able to get another 4% through the negotiation process! Just accepted the job this afternoon. Eeee! So excited! Thank you again for all of your help through this process!!! You’ve been an awesome career coach and confidence builder!


Jon H.

Cindy is absolutely great to work with. I exercised the option to work with her over the phone due to my busy work and family schedule. Cindy’s knowledge and expertise were evident from the very first conversation we had.

From a coaching perspective, she helped me find my motivation and held me accountable to my plan to reach my goals. She guided me through revising and sending my resume, interview preparation, and negotiating salary and benefits before we met in person. In fact, the first time we met was for a celebratory lunch when I accepted a new position!

Gerardo F.

Cindy is an excellent career coach. She asks the right questions to help you determine where your knowledge, skills and abilities will best fit.  She has helped me find opportunities to add value to my career and get a raise. I highly recommend Cindy.

Kathryn K.

When I met Cindy, I was stuck. I had been out of work for a couple months and was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. I was looking for a new career direction. Cindy was wonderful. She gave me clear, practical steps to explore career possibilities and make a decision. I love my new career – nonprofit development and fundraising. It’s a perfect fit for my personality and values. I would recommend Cindy to anyone going through a job transition – especially to someone considering a new career.

Erik E.

When I took college art classes, I was taught that learning to draw wasn’t really about learning to draw; it was learning how to see. This is precisely what Cindy Edwards did for me when I was looking for a new path in my life. She taught me to see…see what is possible…see the paths that have always been there but I assumed to be beyond my grasp, or beyond what I was capable of doing. She made starting over feel all to easy and all too possible, and all within my grasp. She found solutions that I never even heard of, but were a perfect fit with my abilities. With her help I have found a new world of potential, and this opened my eyes to new possibilities that I never knew existed.

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