Your ADHD in Career Development

Coaching for people with ADHD

In addition to my standard career coaching services, I offer these integrative coaching services for people with ADHD. ADHD coaching can help you learn strategies for coping with your symptoms such as focusing, time management, organization, impulsivity, decision making, stress and interpersonal communications challenges.

ADHD Self Discovery

Do you understand your ADHD and how you are unique? What keeps you engaged and happy? What executive functions do you struggle with? Identify your values, strengths, personality, interests, knowledge, skills, and abilities, then create strategies to manage your weaknesses and use your strengths.

Performance at Work

Helping you set and achieve goals around workplace communication issues, social skills, organization and productivity, project management, follow-through and completion; helping you achieve your personal best.

Performance during Career Transition

Tools, tips and structured planning to help you stay focused, on task and make decisions during phases of Career Transition such as new career exploration, job search action items, interviewing, networking and more.

Performance during Job Interviews

Learn a structured method to help you stay on topic during job interviewing and learn how to use your style and strengths to master the interview.

Personal Note

Over the years Cindy has worked with many ADHD individuals and is the mother of an ADDer—this topic is a very real to her.  She understands how your ADHD brain is wired differently. Cindy can help you create personalized strategies that correlate with your executive functioning challenges. Cindy holds her AAC from ADDCA—the ADD Coach Academy.