Career Coaching

Career Choice and Decision Making

Should you stay or should you go? Professional coaching guides you through a decision-making process that helps you discern your best options and take action to get un-stuck. Examine what’s most important to you, what impact you want to make with the work you do. Uncover work environment needs, practical needs and organization value needs.

Tools used include: Myer’s Briggs. StrengthsFinder, EQi (Emotional Intelligence) and more.

Career Assessment for Branding and Identification

Determine your strengths and success factors that lead you to having high levels of work engagement and happiness. Using a structured process, identify career decision making criteria (wants and needs); your values, strengths, personality, interests, knowledge, skills, and abilities and create a personalized brand statement to be used in career exploration or job search marketing efforts plus identify options that are right for you.

Tools used include: Myer’s Briggs. Strong, StrengthsFinder, LifeKeys (Spiritual Gifts), BeInterviewReady Career Fit, 360Reach Personal Branding.

Career and Education Identification and Exploration

As a proclaimed ‘career and industry junky’ it’s my job to know about careers you don’t. Specialized help in identifying, researching, and exploring career and/or education options that fit your needs and align with who you are; your skills, interests, and needs. Create a plan for transition from college to the marketplace, from unemployed to employed, from a job to a career, or from career to new career. Learn how to conduct an effective informational interview and do research to really understand your options. Accountability to help you make a decision and take action.

Marketing for Change; Resumes and more

Get expert advice and assistance in developing tools needed for industries and fields specific job search needs; resumes, cover letters, reference sheets, portfolio web sites, a LinkedIn portfolio, and more. Resume and LinkedIn writing services available upon request.

Job Search Action Planning, Interviewing, Networking and more

Need an accountability partner to get a job. Structured action planning that moves you from resume development through to job offer negotiating. Learn how to ‘GET VISIBLE‘ both offline and online to employers through networking strategies and tools. Improve your interviewing by learning behavioral interviewing methods and tools for today’s market that enable you to become the preferred candidate and win the job offer.

Interview Power and Mock Interviewing

Become a S.T.A.R.: Interview preparation, interview response techniques and interview questioning methods.

Business Start-Up Coaching

Coaching covers: competitive analysis, business planning, incorporation options, contracts, business operations, small business marketing strategies, action planning for growth and accountability partnership.