At Find Your Fit, we use a career to education pathway process to better help you understand the right education or certification options for the job market today.

Are you a high school student beginning to look at career and college options? Perhaps you are a college student uncertain of which direction to go. Or, maybe you are a professional needing to head back to school to advance your career? We can help.

Career Assessment and Exploration

Using formal and information assessments we help you identify your values, strengths, personality type, and interests, to create a list of career options. Get help identifying, researching, and exploring careers that fit your needs and align with who you are. Create a plan for transition from high school to college or from college to the marketplace.

Education Options (Coach Renee)

We can assist in coaching you through everything from identifying potential colleges, compiling your application materials and making them shine, as well as guidance on how to best use college resources to be successful in your academic career. Additionally, if you are looking to go abroad for study, volunteer, or internships, we can assist you in finding the right fit to get you there and what to expect in your international academic experience.

Get help with:

  • College and Education program research guidance; local, national and study abroad options.
  • Application material reviews/and writing help (College Admission Essays, Requesting References, College Admission Resumes, Scholarship Essays)
  • College and Education Abroad process coaching (navigating college resources, general questions and concerns, how to take care of your mental health in college and studying abroad)
Schedule an Appointment

Schedule a free 30-minute information session or get started right away with a coach. Local and national inquiries are welcome. Online video, phone or in-person coaching available.

We Work With
  • Career Changers
  • Career Seekers
  • Young Professionals
  • High School and College Students
  • Business Professionals
  • Emerging and Experienced Leaders
  • For Profit and Non-Profit Organizations
  • Teams and Groups
  • Employment Ministry Groups
  • National and Local Associations