Whether you are seeking to discover your career direction or path, make a career change, or need a career strategy for managing performance we have the expertise to help you create a goal and achieve professional change.

Career Assessment

Ever make a major purchase? Did you use a list of wants and needs in your decision making? Career Assessment is like making a list of wants and needs for career goal setting, selection and change. Using formal and information assessments* we can identify your values, strengths, personality type, interests, knowledge, skills, abilities, work environment needs, roles and job functions as a way to set goals, guide decision making and see career options.

*Tools used include: Myer’s Briggs, Strong, StrengthsFinder, LifeKeys (Spiritual Gifts), 360Reach Personal Branding.

Career Options and Exploration

Gain specialized help in identifying, researching, and exploring career options that fit your needs and align with who you are today and who you want to become tomorrow. Create a plan for transition; from college to the marketplace, from unemployed to employed, from a job to a career, or from career to new career. Learn how to conduct an effective informational interview and do research to understand your options and make a decision on which path to take.

Education Options (High School, College and Professionals)

At Find Your Fit, we use a career to education pathway process to better help you understand the right education or certification options for the job market today.

Are you a high school student beginning to look at career and college options? Perhaps you are a college student uncertain of which direction to go. Or, maybe you are a professional needing to head back to school to advance your career? We can help.

Get help with:

  • Discovering and selecting the right training program or certification for the job.
  • College and Education program research; local, national and study abroad options.
  • Application material reviews/and writing help (College Admission Essays, Requesting References, College Admission Resumes, Scholarship Essays)
  • College and Education Abroad process; navigating college resources, general questions and concerns, how to take care of your mental health in college and studying abroad

Branding, Marketing and Job Search


Apply your assessment information and develop a personalized brand statement, aka, Elevator Pitch, that you can use for your resume, LinkedIn profile, informational interviews, job interviews and more! Be confident in communicating who you are, what you do best and where you want to go.

Marketing for Change: Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Development

Does that thought of updating your marketing materials make you cringe? Let us take the stress away. Partner with us to review or hire us to write your marketing materials for you. Get expert advice and assistance in developing tools needed for industry- and field-specific job search needs; resumes, cover letters, reference sheets, portfolio web sites, a LinkedIn portfolio, and more. You’ll be happy that you did!

Job Search Action Planning, Interviewing, Networking and More

Do you need an accountability partner or a structured action plan to get the job you want? Learn how to “GET VISIBLE” both offline and online to employers using networking strategies and tools. Learn about best methods for job search such as how to make your resume shine or best behavioral interviewing methods for today’s market. Become the preferred candidate and win a job offer.

ADD/ADHD Coaching

ADHD/ADD coaching can help you identify executive functioning strengths and weaknesses. Gain exposure to differing methods and tools to help you overcome executive functioning challenges associated with ADHD/ADD.

Available assessments include: