Whether you are seeking to achieve a performance goal, improve focus, tackle burn-out or decrease stress from work, coaching can help transform how you think about and engage with work so you can find well-being, success and happiness in your career. Discover how you can bring your true and best self to your work and thrive – not just survive.

Using the latest in neuroscience research, tools and techniques, our coaching can help you improve awareness, recognize and differentiate thought patterns, and link, sometimes opposing, ideas together to create new insights and see solutions that lead to meaningful change. 

Growth and Transformation Coaching

Coaching can help you connect purpose and meaning to work so you can bring your true and best self to the work each day. Increase awareness and attention, build deeper connections, improve confidence, sharpen emotional intelligence skills, and boost mental energy, so that you thrive, not just survive.

Common coaching topics:
  • Strengths, values and interests discovery and application
  • Professional identity (branding)
  • Navigating organizational change
  • Performance or leadership goals
  • Improving focus and time management
  • Life-work balance and boundary setting
  • Burn-out and/or boredom
  • Stress and/or anxiety management

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching helps you leverage strengths,  improve social and emotional intelligence skills, uncover blind-spots needing development, and set, strive and achieve strategic goals. Common growth areas include leadership style development around social and emotional intelligence to engage others and build high performing teams, conflict management, change management, stronger and consistent decision making, and performance management of self or employees.

Assessments available include EQi 2.0, DiSC, Strengths, MBTI Leadership and 360 reports.

ADD/ADHD Coaching

Attention Deficit Disorder Coaching can help you identify executive functioning strengths and weaknesses. Gain exposure to differing methods and tools to help you overcome executive functioning challenges associated with ADHD/ADD. Coaching using the latest in neuroscience and neurobiology to help you understand your non-neurotypical brain.

Cindy also coaches people with other invisible disabilities like bi-polar disorder, Asperger syndrome, Highly Sensitive, and Anxiety.

Assessments and Credentials