Leadership Coaching for Emerging Leaders and Experienced Leaders

Leadership coaching is a process that builds a leader’s capability to achieve specific short and long-term goals. Coaching can help you identify and leverage strengths and emotional intelligence skills, plus uncover areas needing development. Together we can examine your Conflict Management Style, Change Management Style, Decision Making Style, and Leadership Style. This information will help you identify ways to influence, learn how to give and receive positive feedback, and get assistance with formulating action plans for future development and long-term success. Coaching combines Strengths-based and Neuro-transformation coaching tools and methods to help you become a better leader.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a process where participants becomes the coach for each other. Sessions are facilitated by a master coach who sets the stage for discussion and teaches individuals how to become a coach.  Group coaching brings individuals together with a common focus in a small, sometimes intimate, conversation space. It is focused on goal setting, strengthening awareness around key issues, taking action and accountability. Group participants will experience and learn Peer Coaching, Strengths-based and Neuro-transformation coaching tools and methods.

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We Work With
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