Renewal Coaching for Burnout

At any age and in any stage of your career-life you can experience a sense of burnout or loss of direction. Renewal Coaching focuses on helping you see your identity and examine your sense of integrity. You will explore who you are, what you need and want from a career along with how you want to show up and engage in your work.

Together we create a career mission statement and develop a strategic plan that helps you set the direction for your career journey and gain control over your career life.

Why Renewal Coaching?

  • Rediscover your strengths
  • Examine your style and brand
  • Build a list of wants and needs
  • Identify and walk new paths
  • Create goals, set phases and actions
  • Identify what holds you back
  • Achieve and maintain focus
  • Build resiliency
  • Break old habits and build new ones

The Renewal Coaching process utilizes Strengths-based and Neuro-transformational Coaching methods and tools to help you renew, reenergize and recraft your work.

Neuro Transformation – Brain Based Coaching for Performance Improvement

You’ve heard it before, “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life!” Neuro-transformational coaching combines Neuroscience (the scientific study of the nervous system) with the process of strengths-based coaching. Through science we know the brain has the ability to develop new pathways and connections. Using brain-based tools and methods, this form of coaching can help you: learn how to redirect thought patterns in the brain; remove blocks that keep you from moving forward; and aid you in creating new ways of thinking.

Why Neuro-Transformation Coaching?

  • Identify what holds you back
  • Improve performance for any goal
  • Create more balance in your life
  • Achieve and maintain focus
  • Break old habits and build new ones
  • Improve confidence
  • Make better decisions
  • Build awareness
  • Decrease conflict through choosing your focus
  • Help change your outlook
  • Improve emotional management
  • Improve health and well-being
  • Build resiliency
  • Put your mind to rest
  • Understand and align values to prioritize work
  • Create goals, set up phases, and take action
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We Work With
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  • College Students
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