Kenneth S.

Cindy is an attentive, caring, listening person and was — and is — very helpful to me as a career coach. And, her prices are much too low [really — they could be 50 percent higher and still be a great deal].

Cindy heard my needs: I needed to better present myself in the numerous interviews I was getting. She reviewed my cover letter and resume to learn about me; and read the job descriptions for the interviews I was scheduled to have. She met with me and fully assessed my situations and my needs. We practiced interviewing. She was excellent. She was direct and focused and worked on my faults: talking too long, too generally, not highlighting succinctly my successes, and not directly answering the questions. Throughout she was positive and supportive. She also told me I needed to practice and provided links to great, useful material. She is very good and easy to work with.

Without hesitation I will continue to use Cindy until I get good enough in interviewing to win the job I want.