Cindy Edwards has been a job coach as part of the Basilica of Saint Mary’s Employment Ministry Program for the past two years. She has helped many of the participants in the ministry with her Fit Assessment Tool that allows individuals to understand what job and/or employer would be the best ‘fit’ for them. Cindy is a very compassionate and effective job coach.

— Tom Green (Director of Special Projects, Basilica of Saint Mary)

Having worked with Cindy on several projects such a comprehensive ‘Coaches Training’ program and many others, I have been fortunate to collaborate with this wonderfully, multi-talented individual. She not only brings an extremely high-level of competence to her career development practice, she is also very passionate in everything she does. Cindy understands the varying needs of her clients and meets each person where he or she is at and helps them to move forward in the career development process. When referring people to her, I am confident that they are in good, caring hands.

— Victor C. Massaglia, M.A. (Career Services Director, University of Minnesota)