• MCDA Fall Event
    October 24, 2019
    3:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Presenters: Cindy Edwards and Vic Massaglia

Do you ever feel off-balance, pulled in multiple directions, or unsure of what path to take? As Career Development professionals we often need opportunities to reflect and recharge so that we can be better and do better for the people we serve.  Whether you are new to the profession or a veteran in the field, come and examine your identity and integrity and claim who you are in your work.

  • Identify and connect with your inner landscape, your identity. Reflect on components of self that provide the foundation of your work.
  • Reflect and explore your outer landscape, your integrity.  Take pause and look at how you present your values,  attend to your style, and ensure authenticity of self while working with others.
  • Develop or renew your career development philosophy statement. Build a plan for how you’d like to be in your work.