Photo of Megan Meuli
Megan Meuli

For nearly 20 years, Megan Meuli has been assisting individuals in career transition with a variety of cultural backgrounds, ages, and lifestyle needs in her private practice, non-profit, and university settings.

Megan is passionate about helping job seekers identify their essence, encourages them through with energy and empathy to empower themselves, and seek enlightenment through exposure, experience, and education. Locating the intersection of our strengths while serving local community needs is a path to both contribution and enlightenment. Megan believes that most of us would do better to shed our traditional concept of the career ladder and replace it with the metaphor of a flowing river much like many of us who have experienced career paths that have needed to shift and adapt to our personal and market needs.

Megan currently works at Avivo as a Career Counselor in the Women’s Career Services program and has worked for University of Wisconsin-River Falls, Hamline University, Adler Graduate School, and Career Solutions.