Career Development Training and Speaking

Are you seeking training or speaking services to help your group or team with Career Development needs?  We provide customized training and speaking programs to help participants with career engagement, career development, job search, and career change.

Program Themes:

  • Goal Identification and Action Planning
  • Career Assessment, Choice and Decision Making
  • Career Management – Professional Development
  • Career and Education Identification and Exploration
  • Marketing for Change; Resumes and More
  • Job Search Action Planning

Sample list of programs:

  • AIM @ Success: A Brain-Friendly Framework to Help You Set, Strive, Maintain and Achieve Goals
  • Marketing: Building and Communicating Your Brand
  • Exploration: Career Identification and Discovery
  • Interviewing: INTERVIEW POWER!
  • How to Succeed in Job Search: Online and Offline Strategies
  • Networking: Online and Offline Networking Tools and Strategies (LinkedIn)
  • MBTI Step I: Meyer’s Briggs for Individuals
  • MBTI Step II: Meyer’s Briggs for Teams

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