Neuro-Transformation Training and Speaking

“Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life!” The brain has neuroplasticity, making it possible to build new ways of thinking. Using brain-based tools and methods, training programs are designed to support outcomes that help participants learn how to create new ways of thinking to improve performance.

Customized Training Programs can help your participants:

  • Improve performance for any goal
  • Break old habits and build new ones
  • Choose and maintain focus and decrease drama
  • Improve all around health and well-being
  • Understand and align values to prioritize work
  • Create goals, set up phases and take action to achieve a vision
  • Increase engagement

Sample list of programs:

  • AIM @ Success – A Brain-Friendly Framework to Help You Set, Strive, Maintain and Achieve Goals
  • Understanding and Using the SCARF model to improve engagement in the work place
  • Brain Ways: Mental Habits to Improve Work Performance
  • Understanding Your ADD/ADHD Brain

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It’s fair to say that Cindy Edwards is bit of a brain nerd and highly enjoys learning about the field of Neuroscience. Cindy holds a Brain-Based Coaching Certificate from the Neuroleadership Institute, plus she has many continuing education credits from BeAbove Leadership, an organization that specializes in teaching coaches about Neuro-Transformation coaching methods and tools. Cindy truly believes that you can change your thinking and therefore change your life for the better.