Strengths Training and Speaking

Are you seeking training or speaking services to help your group or team identify strengths to improve performance?  We provide customized training and speaking programs that strive to increase engagement and improve performance. 

Customized Strengths Programs can help your participants:

  • Gain an understanding of all 34 CliftonStrengths talents
  • Learn how Strengths impact style and brand
  • Tips on how to incorporate Strengths into conversations
  • Tools to most effectively use your Strengths to achieve success
  • Strategies for engaging others’ Strengths to achieve success
  • Exploring how to shift your weaknesses to Strengths

Sample list of programs:

  • Personal CliftonStrengths Assessment Review
  • Team Strengths Discovery Workshop
  • Using Strengths in Job Transition Workshop
  • Strengths Strategies for Optimal Performance Workshop

Sample list of speaking topics:

  • Bringing Your Strengths to Life
  • Strengths and Job Transition
  • Strengths-Focused Leadership
  • Finding Work Joy

Need a Speaker or Trainer? Contact us today to learn more.