Whether it’s change, conflict, transition, performance or decision-making, coaching provides a platform for helping business professionals and leaders, at all levels, expand their thinking, see solutions and take action. Using the latest neuroscience research, tools and techniques, our coaching works to differentiate thought patterns and link opposing ideas together enabling the creation of new insights that lead to more meaningful change.

Leadership Coaching*

Leadership coaching helps you leverage strengths,  improve social and emotional intelligence skills, uncover blind-spots needing development, and set, strive and achieve strategic goals. Common growth areas include leadership style development around social and emotional intelligence to engage others and build high performing teams, conflict management, change management, stronger and consistent decision making, and performance management of self or employees.

Assessments available include EQi 2.0, DiSC, Strengths, MBTI Leadership and 360 reports.

*All services below can be applied to helping Leaders succeed

Performance Transformation

Coaching focuses on increasing self-esteem and confidence to enhance well-being and help individuals reach their highest potential. Steps may include: assessment (Strengths / Values / EQi 2.0), goal setting, plan development, overcoming obstacles, and maintaining progress.

Navigating Change

Whether your organization or team is changing, merging, or growing, coaching focuses on helping you navigate each situation with clarity. Manage your identity, promote your style, avoid obstacles, or influence differently to achieve positive results.

Finding Focus (Stress Management and Resilience)

Stressed out or bored? Both conditions create the same response; a lack of energy to do anything! If you find yourself lacking focus, having foggy thinking or struggling with decision making let’s talk. Coaching can lead to decreased stress, improved thinking, increased productivity, boundary setting, smarter decision making, and better habits that improve focus and productivity for the long term.

*ADHD/ADD coaching available

Professional Identity

Do you know your WHY? A professional brand, or philosophy, communicates the core values that underlie your professional practice and conduct. Examine your values, purpose, and professional vision to gain clarity in who you are (identity) and how you show up (integrity) in your career. Build a philosophy, or professional brand, statement that you can live out loud.

ADHD/ADD Coaching

ADHD/ADD coaching can help you identify executive functioning strengths and weaknesses. Gain exposure to differing methods and tools to help you overcome executive functioning challenges associated with ADHD/ADD.

Assessments and Credentials