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Transitioning to 2022

Recently I have been thinking about the transitions between past, present and future work. I had some happy endings in 2021. I finished a certification in Neuroscience and Consciousness coaching and training from BeAbove Leadership, as well as a course on the Neuroscience of Change from Coaches Rising. On a personal note, I watched my…

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New Year, New Career

Did you know that 92% of people do not achieve their personal goals, let alone their career goals? While models like SMART have been developed to help with goal-setting, they do not take into account emerging neuroscience research. At least not until AIM, a goal-setting model developed by social neuroscientists Elliot T. Berkman and David Rock.…

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My mission in life…

The year 2020 started out promising. The possibilities seemed endless. Then COVID began to infiltrate itself around the globe, disrupting life as we knew it. While we were forced to hunker down physically during quarantine, our minds and bodies continued to push us, making us seek out positive influences in work, home and personal spaces that allowed us to continue to SURVIVE and THRIVE.

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