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Personal Branding and Strengths

Personal branding is about defining who you are, what you do best and where you want to go in your career.  Having a clear personal brand statement is a critical success factor as you navigate your job search, career change or career development.  At Find Your Fit, we equip our clients with tools and coach…

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How Gratitude Can Change Your Brain

It’s November which means the season of Thanksgiving, for those of us in the United States. Many people use this month to reflect on the things, people and experiences they are grateful for. Then we finish the month with a huge turkey feast and go back to our old habits. At Find Your Fit, we…

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This month at Find Your Fit, we are focused on listening. We’re bringing that to life in a few key ways. First, Stevie will be presenting “Improving Your Listening Mojo” at two conferences in the UK in early October. In this workshop, participants will gain some tips to listen at various levels, leading to deeper…

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