The year 2020 started out promising. The possibilities seemed endless. Then COVID began to infiltrate itself around the globe, disrupting life as we knew it. While we were forced to hunker down physically during quarantine, our minds and bodies continued to push us, making us seek out positive influences in work, home and personal spaces that allowed us to continue to SURVIVE and THRIVE.

Some of us chose to slow down and embrace time spent with loved ones, by helping children navigate social distance learning, caretaking for family members, calling neighbors, friends and fellows citizens through caring trees. New hobbies were learned to deepen our sense of self.  Exercise goals were set and met, to keep our bodies and brains strong or to raise money to fundraise for the greater good.

Others took to learning new technology, whether to further themselves professionally or to stay connected with distant relatives. This past year alone has seen the biggest expansion of seniors plugging into video platforms (70% of all seniors are now online) to not only stay connected to family and friends, but to expand their social circles and keep mentally sharp and healthy.  Staying connected to others is crucial for all age groups in preserving and fostering good mental health.

An awareness for inclusion, equality and social justice for ALL took center stage and continues to be a focal point of our landscape. Work needs to be done, but the discussion for inclusion and equality is a prominent one that needs to continue to be at the forefront, as much work is still needed to make its message a reality for all.

Through all this, we didn’t stop our desire to SURVIVE AND THRIVE. Surprise industry growth has been developed. Growth in medicine, science, robotics and software developing continues to call for more workers to join their fields.

By allowing ourselves to acknowledge our need to be nimble, adaptive, pivot, focus and plan, we can achieve our goals. We can reach them by not only being our own advocates, but also by being advocates for others. Ask yourself, how can I better serve myself, while also serving my community and my world?

Whether you are working to survive your current work or striving to enter a new field, Find Your Fit, LLC can help. We have a series of webinars coming in October that address how to; build your brand, craft your interviewing strategies, and manage stress to build resilience.

You can stay on track or find a new path that will allow you to reach your potential and achieve your goals.

Care to share ways that you have been surviving and thriving in 2020?  Feel free to email us with your personal experience here.

“Every precious thing that you want out of life starts from believing that you possess an unstoppable drive to continuously strive and thrive.” 

–Edmond Mbiaka