You’ve heard it before, “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life!” Through neuroscience we know the brain has the ability to develop new pathways and connections that can help you change behaviors, build new habits and transform your way of being.

The following Transformation Coaching services use neuroscience-based coaching methods and tools to help you redirect thought patterns in your brain enabling you to have deeper insights and create long lasting changes in your life.

Transitions and Change

Do you have a work or life goal you’d like to achieve or a habit you’d like to change? Using the AIM Model of Success and other Neuroscience based tools, coaching focuses on helping you set, strive, maintain and achieve your goals. Learn how to build new pathways in your mind and move from hopelessness to courage to transformation.

Surviving and Thriving at Work

Are you staying in a job that doesn’t quite fit but you need to keep working? Perhaps there are pieces of the job you love. Coaching focuses on helping you look at your strengths, interests and values. Examine your options for today and discover solutions for tomorrow so you can both survive and thrive. Learn tools for tuning out the noise and changing your thinking so you can gain focus and motivation.

Finding Focus (Stress Management and Boredom)

Stressed out or bored with work or life? Both conditions create the same response; a lack of energy to do anything! Do you find yourself lacking focus, having foggy thinking or struggling with decision making? Through coaching you will learn strategies to decrease stress, improve thinking, increase productivity, set boundaries, make better decisions, and build good habits to improve focus and productivity. *ADHD/ADD Coaching available

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching helps you identify and leverage strengths and emotional intelligence skills, uncover blind-spots needing development, and set, strive and achieve goals. Coaching combines Strengths-based and Neuroleadership coaching tools and methods to help you achieve your goals.

Common growth areas in Leadership Development include Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Change Management, Decision Making, and Leadership Style, Performance Management of self or employees.

ADHD/ADD Coaching

ADHD/ADD coaching can help you identify executive functioning strengths and weaknesses. Gain exposure to differing methods and tools to help you overcome executive functioning challenges associated with ADHD/ADD.


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