This month at Find Your Fit, we are focused on listening. We’re bringing that to life in a few key ways. First, Stevie will be presenting “Improving Your Listening Mojo” at two conferences in the UK in early October. In this workshop, participants will gain some tips to listen at various levels, leading to deeper trust and better outcomes at work and at home.

As a bonus – here’s one of the tips included in her workshop. Listening through mirroring. We don’t mean literally looking in a mirror. Rather, you, as the person doing the listening, may mirror the body language, tone of voice, or even body position of the person you are listening to. For example, while sitting across the table from someone, they lean in toward the table. Subtly you lean in as well. You mirror their body movement as a way to show you are listening to more than just their words. You are observing with your eyes and ears during your conversation with them. An action as subtle as this can improve your listening mojo!

Want to virtually attend “Improving Your Listening Mojo” to learn all the tips Stevie will share with the UK audiences? Watch for this session as part of a four-part webinar series Cindy and Stevie are kicking off in November. The topics will equip you to enhance your communication skills so you can be your best self.

At Find Your Fit, we are also carefully listening to you, our clients, and adjusting our service offerings to meet your needs to the best of our ability. One way we are doing so is by expanding our Find Your Fit coaching team! We welcome Renee Wharton as our newest job search coach.

Renee is a coach specializing in online branding and job search strategies. Her experiences span a wide range of audiences, including high school and college students through mid-career professionals. She provides guidance on career exploration, navigating the job search process and resume review. Renee is dedicated to helping people represent their most authentic self in every format. She helps people self-identify meaningful opportunities for growth and advancement in their educational and career endeavors. Renee helps you have confidence in taking that next step.

Renee is available for the following services: resume/CV edits and writing; cover letter edits and writing; LinkedIn guidance, edits and writing; portfolio guidance and edits; college application material guidance and edit; mock interviews; and general career coaching.

Schedule an appointment with Renee to begin your career transformation journey today! You will be glad you took this first step.