This month at Find Your Fit, we are focused on listening. We’re bringing that to life in a few key ways. First, Stevie will be presenting “Improving Your Listening Mojo” at two conferences in the UK in early October. In this workshop, participants will gain some tips to listen at various levels, leading to deeper…

A new season

It’s a new season for Find Your Fit (FYF), which means some positive changes to better serve our clients.  One of the most significant changes is that we are growing! We have added another coach to our team in order to expand our impact and reach more people.  Welcome Stevie Borne! Stevie comes to FYF…

Did I waste my college degree?

I am now on my second job since graduating from college and I am starting to think that the career path I thought was right for me, isn’t. I am not sure what I want to do, but I don’t think this career path is for me. Did I waste my college degree on a field I no longer want to work in? Or, should I stick it out and try to get another job and give this career path one last try? What should I do?

Is any job better than not working?

When is it a good idea to take a job just to have a job regardless if it’s related to your career goals or not? Even if it’s a part-time job. Will it derail me from my career search? How can I take a job – any job – and still stay on track in my career path and goals? What advice/tips can you provide?